NWA Times shooting the messenger – Updated

This is rich. NWA Times attacks “liberal bloggers” for quoting their own report. Last week, Arkansas Media Watch pointed out a Northwest Arkansas Times report (copy of cutout below the fold) according to which Senator Mark Pryor had made the wrong and insulting statement:

Pryor said various tax breaks have created a system in which 45 percent of Americans don’t pay taxes. “It’s hard to have a fair tax system where only about half the people are paying,” he said.

This blog pointed out that most Americans do pay taxes (payroll taxes, gas and sales taxes etc.), even those too poor to pay federal income taxes. The issue of wrong or misleading statements about tax fairness has been in the air lately. Pryor’s Senate colleague John Boozman is on record with a similar wrong statement: “51 percent of the public don’t pay any federal taxes”. A recent, well researched New York Times editorial pointed out the fallacy in these claims.

Arkansas Media Watch has not only criticized the two Senators for making inaccurate statements, but also the local media for letting them get away with inaccurate statements. Pryor’s office has now maintained that Pryor was misquoted. Arkansas Media Watch has contacted NWA Times (editors Greg Harton and Lisa Thompson and publisher Rusty Turner) twice (on August 24 and 29) and requested clarification. No response.

Instead, today, NWA Times published an unsigned editorial attacking those who set the record straight:

“Pryor spoke to the Rogers Rotary Club last week and talked about the nation’s debt crisis. During his presentation, he made the logical argument that part of the solution lies in reforming the federal tax code. As an example, Pryor commented that the code allows 45 percent of citizens to pay no federal income tax and relies on the remaining 55 percent to pony up. That, he reasonably concluded, appears to be unfair and in need of reform. It was clear to everyone in the room that Pryor was talking about federal income taxes. The story about the speech that appeared in this newspaper also makes the reference clear.”

That is not true. The NWA Times report does not make any reference to federal income taxes, just to the “tax system”. (The original article is not online available any more so I posted a cutout, below.)

“However, a self-described liberal blogger issued a withering rebuke of Pryor’s remarks, saying that he was pandering to the largely conservative Northwest Arkansas business community by repeating a canard that poor people don’t pay taxes. Using the time-tested strategy of selective omission, the blogger excoriated Pryor for throwing poor people under the bus, that the Senator knows good and well that they pay all kinds of taxes, even if they are exempt from the federal income levy.”

It is unclear which blogger they refer to here. This blog has not accused Pryor of “pandering to the largely conservative Northwest Arkansas business community”, nor has Blue Arkansas or Arkansas Blog. None of these blogs taking up the debate have employed “selective omission” – they all simply quoted from NWA Times’ own report. A google search of the phrase “pandering to the largely conservative Northwest Arkansas business community” doesn’t turn up anything either. These editors are clumsily building a straw man, attacking an unnamed blogger and laying words in their mouth that nobody actually used. Tellingly, the editors cannot quote a single statement that the unnamed blogger actually got wrong. Their strategy is to dismiss the blogger’s criticism on ideological grounds. That is a lot easier than making an argument and backing it up with factual evidence. It’s just another example of how the Murdochized media operates.

This editorial looks like a pretty desperate attempt at damage control by a newspaper that got caught screwing up in its core business – which, one assumes, consists in informing readers and reporting facts (and notably, they just had to retract from another screw-up involving judge Mary Ann Gunn). Two points deserve special attention: first the editors’ childishly referring to unnamed bloggers, apparently afraid that people might actually want to read for themselves who got it right. Second, the real issue at hand – that the working poor may not be paying federal income taxes but they do pay plenty of taxes and accusing them of free-riding is lowliest demagoguery – gets obfuscated by a bunch of editors who care more about saving their own face than about the truth. They should be ashamed of themselves.

Finally, for some reason, Boozman’s transgression doesn’t get the attention it deserves, with the debate focusing on Pryor.

Further reading/viewing:

The World of Class Warfare – by Jon Stewart

Cutout of the NWA Times front page article in question:
Cutout of the NWA Times front page article


11 thoughts on “NWA Times shooting the messenger – Updated

  1. I’m not familiar with NWA Times. What corporate entity owns/publishes it? Is this the Hussman rag that moronic Masterson works for?

    • It belongs to Stephens media, the same entity that owns Arkansas Democrat Gazette (the “Hussman rag”). NWA Times and ADG are delivered together. However, formally they are distinct newspapers.

  2. Actually, the NWA Times is owned by Hussman’s media company, which also owns the Benton County Daily Record and the Arkansas Democrat Gazette. Stephens Media owns the Springdale Morning News and Rogers Morning News. Stephens Media once operated the Morning News of Northwest Arkansas, which had editions for each of the four large towns in NWA. The competition was eating into both sides’ profits, so Hussman and Stephens entered an agreement to share the news market. Stephens killed its Fayetteville and Bentonville editions and now the two companies jointly operate the four newspapers. Hussman retained sole management of the Northwest Arkansas edition of the Democrat Gazette. The NWA DG is delivered across the region. Each town’s paper is delivered as a wrap around the NWA DG. For example, if you subscribe to the Rogers paper, you get the NWA DG and the Rogers Morning News. The deal was done to ensure greater profitability for each company. They were able to eliminate roughly half the print news staff that formerly worked for the daily papers in NWA. Other costs were also reduced: delivery, printing, etc.

    • NAN stands for Northwest Arkansas Newspapers, the name of the combined venture. I don’t know why Stephens gets to say it’s published by them. But the actual newspapers and their assets are owned by the separate companies. My personal opinion is that Hussman got the better end of the deal. He’s proven that he won’t stop until he wins outright. I’d look for him to fully own Stephens’ NWA newspaper assets before too long. Hussman cares about owning entire markets for his newspapers and Warren Stephens cares only about getting more money. I see Stephens grabbing the money when he gets the chance and abandoning the slowly losing proposition of running a newspaper.

    • Hussman and Stephens don’t compete in NWA anymore. They basically share what profits there are to be made in newspapers in NWA. It is an odd arrangement. I live in Little Rock now and often stories will appear in the Little Rock edition of the ADG with bylines from Stephens’ Rogers and Springdale Morning News. This is extremely odd because Stephens has a Little Rock bureau and several weekly papers in the towns around LR that compete directly with the ADG.

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  4. It’s a clown show over there in Northwest Arkanistan, especially with Lisa Thompson and Rusty Turner. Both of them are narcissistic d-bags.

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