Pat Lynch lynched by Paul Greenberg

The Arkansas “Democrat”-Gazette has moved a big step closer to ideological homogeneity, or, in journalistic jargon, toward a “fair and balanced” lineup of columnists: long-time columnist and often-time progressive voice Pat Lynch has been fired from the opinion page. Reports Max Brantley at ArkansasBlog:

Lynch confirms end of his column He says editorial page editor Paul Greenberg said the reason was economic. “I am not angry with Paul or anybody else,” Lynch wrote.

It’s easy to believe that cutting off one of two liberal voices from the state’s de-facto monopoly newspaper’s opinion page (the remaining one being Gene Lyons) while keeping about a gazillion right-wingers ranging in opinion from conservative Republican to Tea-Party extremism is a purely economic decision.

Worth pointing out that back in April, another column was cancelled after columnist Cathy Frye had criticized education budget cuts (“Everyone pays when states cut school aid”), a position that ADG publisher Walter Hussman is known not to be fond of.

Btw I should apologize for the bad pun in the title – sometimes it’s hard to resist.


4 thoughts on “Pat Lynch lynched by Paul Greenberg

  1. In addition, Pat Lynch is a local commentator. That should count for something.
    There were two (now one) liberal and local, to balance out. 3 conservative/reactionary and local in Gitz, Masterson, and Kelley.
    In the category of canned columns, Sowell and Krauthammer are hard right, while liberal Paul Krugman, who doesn’t seem to appear as often, is liberal.
    Three to one and two to one–not exactly fair and balanced.

  2. Paul Greenberg is nothing but an old hack, who long ago was bought and paid for by the right-winger Walter Hussman. Greenberg won his awards 30 years plus ago, while working for the moderate Pine Bluff Commercial newspaper. Since bought by Hussman, Greenberg, has outlived his effectiveness and has become a pendantic syncophant for the semi-literate neo-conservatives, How many times do we need to endure the “Ways to beat the heat” nonsense? We should not be at all surprised that the Demo-Gazette is intellectually dishonest, indeed embarrassing. The Editorial Page and Opinion Pages are filled with shallow musings written by extremist bumper-sticker simpletons. The deadbeat B. Gitz and that buffoon M. Masterson are laughable as writers, and insulting to anyone with an IQ above room temperature. Other than Gene Lyons, none of the opinion writers at the D-G will ever be the Brightest Bulb in the Room!

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